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Comcast Internet and tv sale

We partner with comcast to serve you on you home needs

OS Reload

Reloading the operating system may assist in cases where the files from the operating system have been either damaged or corrupted.

iPhone Screen Repair

In most cases, we can conveniently repair or replace your cracked screen. This will prevent accidents caused by the spiked edges on the broken glass.

Hardware Solutions

Hardware Support services can either prevent future issues or remedy existing ones. This service entails the repair of the hardware or its optimization.

Remote Support

Technicians can provide technical support remotely, which facilitates the transfer of files, command line, desktop sharing and the synchronization of files.

Virus Removal

Our skilled technicians can assist with intrusions and virus infections caused by Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, Malware and Adware to name a few.

Mac Repair

This service consists of resolving various issues, including but not limited to battery performance and motherboard concerns as well as water damage and OS Reload.


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